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World currencies are very sensitive to the ever changing macroeconomic statistics. Thanks to summary information which is released in the Forex Calendar, increasingly more traders are able to make decisions, thus, exercising an additional pressure on the exchange market. This trend of instant electronic diffusion of information through millions of users worldwide makes the market ever more efficient and sensitive to macroeconomic statistics.

What's a correct approach to using a Forex Calendar? You should analyze two properties: a forecasted value and its volatility. If the actual value, which is released and becomes available to all users at one time, differs from the forecasted value, you should expect a move for the corresponding currency pairs. The higher is their volatility level, the more and longer the market will be agonizing. When several actual values for different macroeconomic indicators disappoint their forecasters, a strong trend may start or end. As a rule, everyone expects an actual value to differ from its forecast before attempting to increase or decrease their deposits at risk.

The most important macroeconomic indicators, which are released once a month or less frequently, are the following: Trade Balance and Unemployment Rate of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain; FOMC Rate for USD and ECB Rate for Euro; ISM Manufacturing and Nonfarm Payrolls for USD.

Information in this economic calendar is updated automatically (you do not need to reload the page) as new data is released. To view more information about a particular macroeconomic indicator, click its name.
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01:45:43 actual forecast previous
15 / 01
00:45NZD+3FPI (MoM) (Dec)-0.8%-0.4%
02:50JPYM2 Money Stock (YoY)3.6%4.0%
03:00AUDMI Inflation Gauge (MoM)нд0.2%
09:00JPYMachine Tool Orders (YoY)нд46.8%
10:00NOKTrade Balance (Dec)24.7B-4.2B
13:00EURTrade Balance (Nov)26.3B18.9B
16 / 01
00:00NZDNZIER Business Confidence (Q4)-12%5%
00:00NZDNZIER QSBO Capacity Utilization (Q4)92.8%91.3%
00:45NZDElectronic Card Retail Sales (MoM) (Dec)0.5%1.2%
00:45NZD+1Electronic Card Retail Sales (YoY) (Dec)3.3%4.3%
02:50JPY+1PPI (YoY) (Dec)3.1%3.2%3.5%
02:50JPYPPI (MoM) (Dec)0.2%0.4%0.4%
03:30AUD-1New Motor Vehicle Sales (MoM) (Dec)4.5%0.1%
05:00NZD+1RBNZ Offshore Holdings (Dec)58.00%57.70%
07:30JPYTertiary Industry Activity Index (MoM)1.1%0.4%0.3%
10:00EUR-4German CPI (MoM) (Dec)0.6%0.6%0.6%
10:00EUR-1German CPI (YoY) (Dec)1.7%1.7%1.7%
10:00EUR-1German HICP (YoY) (Dec)1.6%1.6%1.6%
10:00EUR-1German HICP (MoM) (Dec)0.8%0.8%0.8%
10:00EUR+3German WPI (YoY) (Dec)нд3.3%
10:00EURGerman WPI (MoM) (Dec)нд0.5%
10:45EURFrench Government Budget Balance (Nov)-84.7B-77.2B
12:00EURItalian Trade Balance (Nov)нд4.953B
12:00EUR-1Italian Trade Balance EU (Nov)нд0.67B
12:30GBP+6Core CPI (YoY) (Dec)2.5%2.6%2.7%
12:30GBP+6Core PPI Output (MoM) (Dec)0.3%0.2%0.2%
12:30GBP+4Core PPI Output (YoY) (Dec)2.5%2.3%2.2%
12:30GBP+2Core RPI (YoY) (Dec)4.2%4.0%
12:30GBP+5Core RPI (MoM) (Dec)0.8%0.1%
12:30GBP+5CPI (YoY) (Dec)3.0%3.0%3.1%
12:30GBP+3CPI (MoM) (Dec)0.4%0.4%0.3%
12:30GBP+5House Price Index (YoY)5.1%4.5%
12:30GBP+4PPI Input (MoM) (Dec)0.1%0.4%1.8%
12:30GBP+5PPI Input (YoY) (Dec)4.9%5.4%7.3%
12:30GBP+6PPI Output (MoM) (Dec)0.4%0.3%0.3%
12:30GBP+5PPI Output (YoY) (Dec)3.3%2.9%3.0%
12:30GBP+5RPI (MoM) (Dec)0.8%0.6%0.2%
12:30GBP+5RPI (YoY) (Dec)4.1%3.9%3.9%
13:00EURItalian CPI (MoM) (Dec)0.4%0.4%
13:00EURItalian CPI (YoY) (Dec)0.9%0.9%
13:00EUR-1Italian HICP (MoM) (Dec)0.3%0.3%
13:00EURItalian HICP (YoY) (Dec)1.0%1.0%1.0%
16:30USD+1NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Jan)17.7018.0018.00
17:20NZDGlobalDairyTrade Price Index4.9%2.2%
17 / 01
02:30AUDWestpac Consumer Sentiment (Jan)1.8%3.6%
02:50JPY+1Core Machinery Orders (MoM) (Nov)5.7%-1.4%5.0%
02:50JPY+2Core Machinery Orders (YoY) (Nov)4.1%-0.7%2.3%
03:00NZDANZ Commodity Price Index (MoM)-2.2%-9.0%
03:30AUDHome Loans (MoM) (Nov)2.1%-0.6%
03:30AUDInvest Housing Finance (MoM) (Nov)1.5%1.6%
10:00EURGerman WPI (MoM) (Dec)-0.3%0.5%
10:00EUR+3German WPI (YoY) (Dec)1.8%3.4%3.3%
13:00EURCore CPI (YoY) (Dec)0.9%0.9%
13:00EURCore CPI (MoM) (Dec)0.5%-0.1%
13:00EURCPI (MoM) (Dec)0.4%0.4%0.1%
13:00EUR-2CPI (YoY) (Dec)1.4%1.4%1.4%
13:00EURCPI ex Tobacco (MoM) (Dec)0.4%0.1%
13:00EURCPI ex Tobacco (YoY) (Dec)1.3%1.5%
15:00USD-1MBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate4.33%4.23%
15:00USDMBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)4.1%8.3%
15:00USD+1MBA Purchase Index249.2242.7
15:00USDMortgage Market Index406.3390.2
15:00USDMortgage Refinance Index1,314.01,259.2
16:55USDRedbook (MoM)-0.3%0.1%
16:55USDRedbook (YoY)2.6%3.4%
17:15USD+1Capacity Utilization Rate (Dec)77.9%77.3%77.1%
17:15USD+1Industrial Production (MoM) (Dec)0.9%0.5%0.2%
17:15USD+1Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Dec)0.1%0.3%0.2%
18:00USDNAHB Housing Market Index (Jan)727274
18:00CADBoC Monetary Policy Report
18:00CADBoC Rate Statement
18:00CAD+15BoC Interest Rate Decision41.25%1.25%1.00%
22:00USDBeige Book
23:00USDChicago Fed President Evans Speaks
18 / 01
00:00USD+2US Foreign Buying, T-bonds (Nov)-18.80B-22.10B
00:00USDOverall Net Capital Flow (Nov)33.80B151.20B
00:00USD+2TIC Net Long-Term Transactions (Nov)157.5B23.2B
00:00USDTIC Net Long-Term Transactions including Swaps (Nov)41.40B7.90B
00:30USDFOMC Member Mester Speaks
02:50JPY-1Foreign Bonds Buying953.5B173.0B
02:50JPY-1Foreign Investments in Japanese Stocks498.7B597.9B
03:00AUDHIA New Home Sales (MoM)нд1.6%
03:00AUDMI Inflation Expectations3.7%3.7%
03:01GBPRICS House Price Balance (Dec)8%1%
03:30AUD+14Employment Change (Dec)634.7K18.0K61.6K
03:30AUD+1Full Employment Change (Dec)15.1K41.9K
03:30AUDParticipation Rate (Dec)65.7%65.1%65.5%
03:30AUDUnemployment Rate (Dec)5.5%5.4%5.4%
07:30JPYCapacity Utilization (MoM) (Nov)0.0%0.2%
07:30JPY+3Industrial Production (MoM) (Nov)0.5%0.6%
12:40EURSpanish 3-Year Bonos Auctionнд-0.005%
16:30USD-8Building Permits (Dec)1.302M1.300M1.303M
16:30USD-3Building Permits (MoM) (Dec)-0.1%-1.0%
16:30USD-1Continuing Jobless Claims1,952K1,867K
16:30USD-5Housing Starts (Dec)1.192M1.280M1.297M
16:30USD-4Housing Starts (MoM) (Dec)-8.2%3.3%
16:30USD+8Initial Jobless Claims5220K250K261K
16:30USD-3Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.244.50K250.75K
16:30USD+2Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Jan)
16:30USDPhilly Fed Business Conditions (Jan)42.252.7
16:30USDPhilly Fed CAPEX Index (Jan)36.2038.50
16:30USD+1Philly Fed Employment (Jan)16.819.7
16:30USD+1Philly Fed New Orders (Jan)10.128.2
16:30USD+1Philly Fed Prices Paid (Jan)32.9027.80
16:30CADADP Nonfarm Employment Change-7.1K59.2K
18:30USD-3Natural Gas Storage-183B-359B
19:00USD-33Crude Oil Inventories-6.861M-3.890M-4.948M
19:00USD-17Crude Oil Imports0.058M0.152M
19:00USD-17Cushing Crude Oil Inventories-4.184M-2.395M
19:00USD-11Distillate Fuel Production-0.215M-0.301M
19:00USD-11EIA Weekly Distillates Stocks-3.887M4.254M
19:00USD-11Gasoline Production0.185M-0.157M
19:00USD-11Heating Oil Stockpiles0.084M-0.769M
19:00USD-10Gasoline Inventories3.620M2.625M4.135M
19 / 01
00:30NZDBusiness NZ PMI (Dec)51.257.7
10:00EUR-1German PPI (YoY) (Dec)2.3%2.3%2.5%
10:00EUR-1German PPI (MoM) (Dec)0.2%0.2%0.1%
11:15CHFPPI (YoY) (Dec)1.8%1.8%
11:15CHF-1PPI (MoM) (Dec)10.2%0.6%
12:00EURCurrent Account (Nov)32.5B30.8B
12:00EURCurrent Account n.s.a. (Nov)37.8B35.9B
12:30GBP-2Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Dec)-1.6%-0.8%1.2%
12:30GBP-1Core Retail Sales (YoY) (Dec)11.3%2.9%1.5%
12:30GBPRetail Sales (MoM) (Dec)1-1.5%-0.6%1.1%
12:30GBP-1Retail Sales (YoY) (Dec)1.4%3.1%1.6%
16:30CAD-5Foreign Securities Purchases (Nov)19.56B20.81B
16:30CAD-2Foreign Securities Purchases by Canadians (Nov)-4.59B16.49B
16:30CADManufacturing Sales (MoM) (Nov)3.4%2.0%-0.4%
18:00USD+1Michigan 5-Year Inflation Expectations (Jan)2.50%2.40%
18:00USD+1Michigan Consumer Expectations (Jan)84.890.684.3
18:00USD+1Michigan Consumer Sentiment (Jan)94.497.095.9
18:00USD+2Michigan Current Conditions (Jan)109.2115.5113.8
18:00USD+2Michigan Inflation Expectations (Jan)2.8%2.7%
21:00USDU.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count

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